Overcoming financial struggles in your marriage.

Paul and Cindy have been married for 8 years. Their marriage is great except for the fact that they have different financial orientations. Paul loves to save while Cindy loves to spend. At first, Paul thought that it was a phase that would pass in their relationship until he realized that this is just who his wife is. It is difficult for him to accept her spending habits and terms it ‘wasteful’ while Cindy sees her husband as being too ‘frugal’ and does not care about her needs. Listening to both of them was overwhelming yet amusing because they were alike in all ways. They are polar opposites yet fit perfectly  in each others lives especially in the area of BALANCE.

Financial issue is one of the major causes of divorce in our society. And the problem associated with it is that of LIMITED INCOME and the OUT-FLOW of money.

-Limited Income issues stem from career or business problems, joblessness and more.

-Outflow of money is caused by too much bills, spending habits and inability to save.

It is very important that couples KNOW themselves and know the situation on ground.What can you do with your financial situation? There are several things you can realistically do when there is a shortage of income and too much money going out.

  1. Be opened about your financial situations. Talk about what is going well and not so well with your career and businesses. Communicating with your partner removes them from being in the dark and coming to the light of who you are and all you are going through. It does not make you less of a man for your woman to know what is going well and not so well with your career.
  2. Live within your means. Always ask yourself who are you trying to show off to? The people you are trying to oppress or impress do not care about you, especially whether you survive or not, succeed or not. Do not stress or stretch yourself beyond your limit in order to impress or show off to others.
  3. Spend Cash, avoid buying things on credit. If you cannot afford it immediately, save for it or forget about it. Trust me, it is a hard lesson I had to learn myself. What you buy with your money is yours, what you buy on credit belong to those who gave you the credit. Do not let any system enslave you. Set yourself free from financial slavery.
  4. Understand the situation on ground. When it is time to save money for a particular project that will benefit the family in the end, is not the time to think of buying a Gucci bag or a Louis Vuitton. Always be aware of the things you need to accomplish together as a family. Also understand the financial situation at home, do not be a stranger in your own home.
  5. Be opened to learning more on how you can expand and grow your business or career. There are financial freedom seminars organized by companies and individuals take advantage of them by attending those seminars and apply what you think can positively change your finances and life.
  6. Live above the situation. Every problem has a beginning and an end. So the time the problem will end will surely come. It is important that you are conscious of the fact that ”this too shall pass”. Don’t end your marriage because of the problems you are going through as a couple. Stand strong together to see the end of that issue or problem.

Your marriage can work. Look to the glory and not the pain. Let your focus be on the victory and the breakthrough. Support each other, encourage each other, stand up, stand for, stand with your partner always. Say to that issue together as ONE ”we shall overcome”. And surely that will be your portion always.

Have a blessed week.


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Are you a dream come true or a nightmare?



Last week my husband and I had a deep conversation about ”attitudes and die hard habits” people seem to hold on to forever. They make these habits ”who they are” and say things like ”that is the way I have been living my life and that is how I will continue to live”, even if it is at the detriment of their relationships. I thought about it and realized that-it is simply not fair for one person to keep giving problems and unhappiness to the other.

Marriage is a place of ”giving and receiving”. Both persons are constantly giving and receiving from each other whether they are conscious of it or not. It is disheartening for one person to keep giving love and receiving animosity, inconsideration, anger, less appreciation, attitudes and more just because you believe this is who you are and you cannot change for the other person.

What worked for you as a person with a single status is different from what will work for you as a couple. Couples have to sit back and figure out what will work for their relationships. Because the relationship is no longer about you or me, but about ‘us’. And until couples begin to understand that and ADJUST as needed, their marriages will NOT work. Do not give all the wrong things to your partner and expect love in return. It does not work that way. Give them what you want to receive. If you want peace give them peace. If you want respect give them respect, if you want attention give them attention. Do not take your partner for granted, do not push them away because of who you think you are.

Love is fair and NEVER selfish. If you have to think about what you want always and not think about what the other person is receiving then my friend, that is selfishness. Love does not forget Itself and would never forget others.

Your assignment for the week is to take a closer look at your relationship, who is giving more and receiving less? Are you giving your spouse what you want to be given in return? Are you a dream come true for your partner or a nightmare?

May your week be blessed. 🙂

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I waited and was NOT disappointed. #FridayLove


I love the story of this beautiful couple. How they met was divinely orchestrated by God Himself. Some peculiar things that stood out was the fact that;

  1. She did not settle. Yes she had never been married and knew the type of man she wanted- a godly man not in appearance but in deeds. Many came to her but none fitted the picture of who she really wanted. So many things happen to us along the way and we end up letting our guards down to embrace people and situations just because of pressure. She did not care about what others thought or said, she loved herself too much to blindly make the wrong choice.
  2. She kept serving God. No matter what she felt-disappointments, frustrations, joy, worry, contentment and more, no matter what she felt, God was her focus. She loves the Lord so much and it shows in her relationship towards everyone. In the midst of her waiting for Mr Right, she kept serving the Lord.
  3. She kept working. She did not stop embracing her passions. She is an entreprenuer with different passions, a blogger (dstone1003.blog.com) and a Distinguished-ly Devoted wife.You have to keep yourself busy with your passion and purpose. Marriage is not the no 1 reason you are here on earth, your purpose is.
  4. She did not give up, nor change her mind about what and who she wanted. She just stopped worrying believing that when the time was right she would meet whom she was meant to be with. Yes! She was living life and unexpectedly, she met the man of her dreams. This is what she said, ”Went to a visiting church on a Saturday evening to praise my way through a rough situation, while doing the worship session as I was giving Jesus from my belly my concerns, my Treasure came to me and asked if he could worship with me. Without any thought I moved over. Our first date was meeting @ his Church again. It was the visiting Church from the start, afterwards we went to dinner & movies. He knew he was looking for his “Rib” & I was being prepared by God Holy Spirit to be so for quite a few yearsssssss! We talked about where God had brought us from, where we were in Christ & waiting on HIM to answer our particular prayer. 8 months later @ kissing 60 yrs old, Jesus has been faithful as always. “able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above, all that we ask or think ACCORDING to the Power that works within us…’ Ephesians 3:20”.
  5. Another thing was the fact that her past did not matter. It did not stop her from moving forward. Her previous experiences could not steal the real experience in love she desired and she found that first in Christ, manifested through her man.  Both of them had been married before to different people. And just because your marriage did not work out, is not the end of the world. This is what she said we both have been married previously which made our stand on trusting Christ greater. We learned that our previous choices were just that ‘ours’ but with Jesus we got the beginning of HIS Blood Brought Promises. Living in receive mode which is higher than expectation “the open windows of Heaven pouring down upon us more than we have room to receive…”

    That was the beginning of their own ”happily ever after”. It is not how long you have spent in a marriage but how beautiful your relationship with your significant other is. I always say, ”it is better to marry late in life and be happy than to marry early and live a life of misery”. She and her heartthrob got married when she was almost kissing age 60. Can you believe that? How old are you now? Are you crying and weeping over the fact that you have not found your Mr Right or Mrs Right?When love is true, it does not matter when you meet, what matters is that you meet eventually. If you wait on the Lord, you will NEVER be disappointed. Praise God through it all.

Note: Take the time to visit her blog at dstone1003.blog.com. She has powerful advice for the ladies on her blog. It is an awesome place to invest your time in. You will be glad you did.

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I am aging, I can’t wait anymore.

One of the most difficult things we struggle with is having to wait for own victory, breakthrough, success, the right partner and so on. We have a tendency to want to settle for anything even if we know deep down in our heart that we are settling. We allow the demands and expectation of the world to push us into making a hasty decision that could limit us in the future. We feel time is NO longer on our side and so choose anything and anyone just to fill the gap we think we have in your lives.

When you settle in your marriage you have truncated your future. A mistake you make marrying the wrong person even if you make the necessary changes, remains forever, it will always be a reference point. Your marriage is yours and you will be the one enjoying it or NOT. So do not let anyone’s expectations push you into saying, yes, when you truly want to say, NO.

I have an aunt who preferred her single life. But the whole family wanted her to get married by all means. So they came together to find a man for her. They did not take into account whether she loved him or not, or whether the man was a responsible person or not. But just to ‘please’ the whole family she agreed to marry him. The wedding was really a beautiful celebration but a month after the whole celebration the marriage ended. And none of the couple can say what actually ended that relationship. I tried to intervene but to no avail.

Do not let anyone push you into saying ‘I Do’ when you really do not. Do not push yourself either. It is better to wait for the RIGHT person than to settle for the wrong person. I will be sharing a story of a lady who waited for a long time for her own man on Friday, just to encourage those who are still waiting. Guess what? The Lord will NEVER disappoint your faith. If you wait, wait in faith believing that He has your back and will give you all you need irrespective of the time. The time belongs to Him and time cannot limit or stop Him. So trust The God you serve.

While you wait, keep yourself busy. Work for yourself and work for the Kingdom, grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Be ready for your groom or bride. And be ready with a joyful disposition giving thanks to The Most High for all that you ARE and all you WILL BE.

Thank you for reading. Remain blessed.

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A cybercafe connected my husband and I- #FridayLOVE


Hello friends. We are back again. It is another Friday and we are featuring another couple’s love story. And this is to show the divine Hand in the way we meet our loved ones. Lovers meet in weird places at weird times. It is not a planned or thought out meeting. It is a meeting that happens on its own when the time is right. So please remember to send your story to: beautifulmarriageforever@gmail.com

”Segun and I met at a cyber cafe in August 2004 (oh yes…) I went with a friend by name Tosin to a cyber cafe in Ilorin at owoniboys area because Tosin was to see her friend- Tolu at the cafe. On getting there, we met Tolu who was in the company of Segun and then we all just got talking and we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers at the end.

I got to know that Segun did not live in Ilorin and was just visiting his mum for a few days. I liked him immediately I saw him at the cafe and I even went as far as calling his number with a hidden number. After a few days, he left Ilorin and we did not connect again for another 3 years.

One early morning in June 2007 at about 5am, I got a call from Segun and he was like “its been a while..blablabla. I am coming to Redempton camp. Can I see you?” Unknown to him I was schooling at Redeemer’s University then. So we met and the first thing I did was check his fingers for a ring (lol) and he said you are checking my fingers? ”I am bringing yam to your father to ask for your hand in marriage”. And that was the beginning of us.

We lived in 2 different cities, I in Ibadan and he lived in Port Harcourt but distance did not stop us. He proposed in Jan 2011 and we got married September 2012. I would say I married my friend because I am always myself around him. He puts God first when making decisions, then me. We are blessed with a son. Thank you for reading”- Titilayo Olorunfemi.

(Awww I could not stop laughing at her checking out his fingers to see if he was married already. LOL. That was funny. I am glad you both ended up together. Thanks for sharing your story. May The Lord continue to bless and keep your home in peace and love always in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. God bless you).

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Love Above Struggles.

Vincent was taking a walk, enjoying the cool evening breeze. The sun was almost setting and he was truly grateful for how far he had come in his life. He looked across from where he was and saw a young beautiful lady struggling with her bags. She seemed like she had just gotten off work, branched the store to get some items for the house and upon getting home, she had to struggle through her bags to get the front door keys. Vincent’s first thought, was to go and help her with those bags and relieve her of her stressful situation, which he did. He walked to her and offered to help her hold her bags as she did not think it wise to put them on the floor. Her smiles and gratitude stole his heart immediately.

As time went on they started to date, nothing mattered to them but the love they felt for each other. They felt like they could not live without each other. Every minute spent away from the other seemed like eternity. They made up their minds to get married so that they can be with each other as often as they could and love each other without limitations.

Then they came face to face with childlessness. That was their own marital cross to bear. Helen could not bear the thought of not being able to mother a child. They kept on visiting the hospitals for hope and the hospital kept telling them there was nothing wrong with both of them. All they had to do was wait for God’s time. Helen started to feel depressed, especially when she saw her school mates with their own children. Her depression felt worse day after day. The more she was invited for a baby shower the more into herself and detached from reality she was. Her relationship with Vincent took a different turn. They spoke less, they touched each other less, they spent lesser time with each other. Everyone buried his or her head in their own work and spent more time with other family members and friends.

After awhile, Vincent could not take it any longer. He wanted happiness, he wanted to feel love, he wanted someone to see him and not the problems. His attempts to help them see a therapist so as to save their marriage proved abortive. And so he filed for divorce. Their love no longer mattered, what Helen did not have did. What Vincent could not have mattered. They both lost hope in the love they once shared.

When both Vincent and Helen met, there was no problem, even if they did not have enough money nor had children, they loved each other freely and completely IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT THEY DID NOT HAVE. So why allow what you don’t have steal away what you have been blessed with? Why allow the problems created by the world ruin your relationship? Why allow lack ruin your marriage? Why can’t we all LOVE through all our shortcomings and inadequacies? Marriage makes sense when we can LOVE ABOVE what we do not have, love above what we cannot afford, love above what others think, love above how the world wants you to love, love above your finances, love above your sexuality. Because you are lifted far above all the worldly status, you are more important than gains and achievement. You are far above what and who the world says you should be.

It is easy to say my marriage is beautiful if you have it all in place, but what if you do not have it all in place, will you still have a beautiful marriage?

The goal for the week is that you LOVE ABOVE ALL YOUR STRUGGLES. Remain blessed. ♥♥

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How I met my husband- #FridayLOVE


This is our #FridayLove blog-post where we share how we met our spouses to encourage the singles out there who are still looking unto God for a great partner. The Lord works in mysterious ways and locating your spouse is not difficult for him to do. So please if you are married and would like to be featured, send your story and a picture (s) of you and your spouse to beautifulmarriageforever@gmail.com


I moved to Newyork in 2006 where I lived with my uncle and his family for almost a year. During the time I lived with them, few blocks a way from where we lived, I met a friend (Yemi) and we kicked it off immediately especially for the fact that I had longed to meet a Nigerian for awhile. So it was easy to connect with her. Everyday I got out of work, I would stop by to check on her, chat with her for awhile, danced, ate together before going home. She was really close to me. Then one day I did the same thing, stopped by her house as usual, but this time around she was on the phone. Immediately I got in, I yelled out her name and asked her how her day had been, she replied me but was still talking to the person over the phone and suddenly I heard her tell him or her (I did not know who it was at that time) that ”I was her friend and I just moved into the States not long”. I was wondering why she was telling a total stranger about me. But did not pay much attention to her.

Turning to the side, she said to me while she held her cell phone farther away from her mouth, ”he is asking about you because he heard your voice over the phone and said oh  she has a beautiful voice”…lol. I laughed and she then gave me the phone to speak to him, I was like, ‘hell no’, I don’t know him, but she encouraged me to just say hi because he wanted to say hi. I took the cell phone from her and said ‘hi’ politely, he replied ‘hello ooo’. Lol. We exchanged greetings for a few minute and I gave Yemi back the phone. He started begging her to please give him my number that I had a beautiful voice and would like to keep talking to me. I told Yemi a big, NO.

A few weeks later, Yemi begged me to please allow her give that guy my number as he was disturbing her everyday for my number. I later got to know that he was her boyfriend’s friend, and he lived in Maryland at that time. Just for peace sake and I mean for Yemi’s peace of mind, I asked her to give him the number. And before that day ended, he called me. His voice sounded so familiar though like I had met him before, but the truth is our path had NEVER crossed before that time. So I guess it was a soul recognition. We talked over the phone everyday for almost 3 months and we decided to meet face to face. We met December 2006 and I won’t lie I was scared that I was going to meet an ugly guy, he was scared too that he was going to meet a fat and not so pretty girl…LOL. Trust me, we both liked what we saw. After meeting back and forth for awhile,  he came out straight to me that he wanted to marry me and he was not ready to play around. And that was it, no jet, no musician or flowers, no kneeling down on one knees and all those fancy style of proposing..lol. I did not even take it serious, but then he took laws into his own hands when he saw that  I was not serious and  went straight to my parents and my siblings and introduced himself during one of his visits to Nigeria and bought them over.

We have known each other for 10 years now (would be 10 years in December) and been married for 7. Its been an awesome ride and very difficult too, but God has been faithful and He blessed us with 2 handsome boys.


So my friends, that is our story in a nut shell. Thanks for taking the time to read through. I hope it blesses and encourages someone. God bless you all.


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The LOVERS- Who are they?


Love is a spirit housed within us and manifested into our reality through our feelings and actions. Everything we see and cannot see like anger, joy, happiness, wealth, power, money, blessings are all manifested spirits in our reality. Love is pure energy- a usable power that comes directly from God Himself. Love is Power and it carries the ability to heal, the ability to restore, the ability to comfort and encourage, the ability to prosper you and make you very successful, the ability to increase and more.

Er’s- Is the suffix of the word ‘Lovers’ which denotes a person, animal or thing that performs a specified action or activity (work). It denotes a person that has a specified attribute (characteristics) or denotes a person belonging to a specified place (location).

Lovers- Are simply the transmitters of love. They are conduits through which the energy of love is transferred into humanity, they are the carriers of LIGHT and that light is LOVE. Spreading love is their major work and their attribute. Their location is within the four walls of their marital union where they can perform their godly duties without hindrances.

Within an ordinary relationship there are limitations, you are not allowed to have premarital sex in certain societies and cultures and the rate at which we can express our deep feelings for our loved one is usually limited that is why the marriage was built for lovers. There are no hindrances, no limitations, no obstacles whether cultural, spiritual, physical, psychological and more in a marriage. The marriage of ‘true lovers’ is usually blessed because the expression of your love through several actions, like; sex, prayers, in thoughts, in words, in acts and more, brings out a vibrational frequency from you that extends to the world . When something vibrates it moves back and forth or from side to side with very quick and short movements. One of the obvious characteristics of anything that vibrates is MOVEMENT, it is NEVER still. And when it starts with you, it surely will not end with you but will keep moving unto the ends of the earth affecting people’s lives positively or negatively whether we know it or not.

So it is important that the LOVERS know who they are and what their work on earth is and work towards making their own relationship work so as to send out the right energy of love into the world. Your marriage is an assignment to you and a gift to humanity. Assignment in the sense that you need to know the purpose of it especially in your life, work through your own personal shortcomings, and a gift in the sense that it has been blessed with the ability to heal others and heal the world. God can use the marriage as a cleanser and a purifier, it carries within it a cleansing power where by not only you is washed in it but others can be cleansed too.

Your assignment this week is to start to see you and your spouse as LOVERS destined to be here at this moment and blessed to be able to bless the world with the love you have for each other, through the both of you God sends more love into humanity. Ask yourself if you treat your partner with the highest level of respect and reverence. Honor one another, submit to each other and live loving each other irrespective of the problems you face. ♥♥♥


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Have a blessed week.

AGREEMENT between couples


I have been following a series movie called ”Beauty and the Beast”. It has one of my best love stories between couples. It is simply about a man who enrolled in the navy and some experiments were carried out on him and members of his platoon  to make them have extra ordinary powers because of the war they were fighting at that time, this experiment had a negative effect on all of them which turned them into a beast. So they were all half beast and half human. To cut the whole story short a young female cop fell in love with him.

What stood out for me was how they had to agree on everything before it can be successful. They got to a point in their relationship where they noticed that if they do not work together on any project as a couple that project would fall through and it could cost one of their lives. That is simply how it is also in a marriage. Whatever you want to achieve in your marriage there has to be an agreement between the couple. My husband noticed this too in our relationship. He said ”Toyin if you do not agree with me this thing I am trying to accomplish will not work’. And that woke me up to the importance of ‘agreement’ between couples.

In a marriage there is a treasure box that has been uniquely created and provided for every couple. The problem of this treasure box is the fact that it is locked. This treasure box has in it everything you need as a family whenever you them, but the pass code to open that treasure box is ONLY agreement. So for every need and desire, agreeing together opens it up, you pick what you want and it closes back till you need something else from it another time.

Agreement forms the basis of ONENESS between couples. When couples meet physically and sexually in agreement they have created a third entity spiritually speaking that becomes ONE on behalf of the both of them. So physically you still remain your individual selves, but spiritually you are ONE. And that One becomes the Over-Soul for both persons.  Though you are separate but your actions and thoughts are supposed to be guided by this Oversoul. It is very important for couples to agree always in LOVE. It is not everything that you will agree on anyways, but actions you know will positively benefit you and your family in the long run needs the agreement of both persons.

Don’t be too stubborn to listen to your partner. Your partner is your team mate. When you fail, he/she fails, the whole family fails. When you are successful the whole family is successful. Don’t say it is my wife’s success or my husband’s success but ‘our success’ Avoid divisions- whether in thoughts, simple disagreements, actions and more. Anything that will carry the vibration of disagreement, avoid it like a plague. Disagreement usually appears when there is a big breakthrough coming in for the both of you so as to divert it and prevent you from receiving it. It is also very important that you are very very spiritually vigilant.

Thank you all for taking the time to read  through. I hope it has blessed you and I pray that it heals your relationship. Please feel free to leave us your comments and follow our blog so that anytime we have a new post, it can be delivered directly to your inbox. Remember to reach out to me if you would like to feature your love stories on our blog and if you need help and advice with any aspect of your marriage. Send your mail to : beautifulmarriageforever@gmail.com

4 Marriage Myths



A myth is an ‘idea or story that is believed by many people but that is NOT true’- Meriam Webster Dictionary. Marriage is not limited to a particular nation but to the whole world. Young girls fantasize of getting hitched to the right man someday. I remember in my high school days my friends and I would always talk about the things we would do for our husbands and how we would love them to treat us back. To us then, after our educational achievements, marriage was the next thing. It was like a crown of glory for the young girls during our time. And young men looked forward to being pampered and treated like a king by their women. It was fun dreaming about the future until we faced reality.

Marriage is beautiful but there are many myths out there and mentality people carry into their marriages believing that, that would be how their marriages would turn out but have been pretty disappointed by the failures of those beliefs. There are many myths out there but I will be talking on just 4.

  1. Marriage makes you a happier person

    . If you are not happy within you my friend, you will be disappointed at the fact that your marriage could make you a sadder person as opposed to being happy all the time. Because you will see a lot of things that will annoy you that you did not see while you were courting or dating. Marriage is a light and nothing can be hidden in it- no attitude or character can be hidden in a marriage. That is why everything you did not know about your spouse before, you start to see it now within the four walls of your marriage. If you are naturally a happy person it does not matter what you see or encounter in your marriage, you will always get your strength from within you. But if you rely on others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed. No one can carry that cross, only GOD can. Happiness comes from within you.

2. Marriage is for Everyone.

Another myth is to think that just because A and B are married so you need to marry also. That belief has limited a lot of people, made some depressed and made some do all the wrong things in order get married. Marriage is a ‘calling’ and being single is also a ‘calling’. Whether married or not, there are things you are here on earth to fulfill. So it is best we focused on our individual purposes. If you understand your purpose, you will understand why you have been called to marry or not. For example, my purpose is in my marriage- to experience life in various forms within my marriage, choose the one that has the highest level of peace and truth and teach that to others. Without my marriage and experiencing all these things, I will not be able to stand and teach what I teach now. Not every lover or soul mate has to end up as a couple. Paul said in 1st Corinthians 7 vs 26 ”Because of this present crisis, I think it is good for a man to remain as he is (And that is whether married or single). So simply ”Live as God called you’ without trying to change a thing about you.

3. Marriage makes you fulfilled.

In the aspect of finally getting married you might be fulfilled or happy that you have become successful in that. Yes, that hurdle has been crossed. Then my question to you is ‘what next?. If you are like me, you will find yourself asking that question in time. The only thing that fulfills you or anyone, is ‘walking in purpose’. Make sure you are doing what you have been created to do or what you are passionate about especially when it is in service to others. All round fulfillment is in your PURPOSE and not in your marriage.

4.My spouse should know my needs.

If you have this mentality my friend, you will be on a ‘long thing’- which means you will be waiting forever. Your spouse CANNOT know what you want except you tell him or her. Don’t wear a frown or sulk all day because your spouse cannot read your mind. You will only be putting unnecessary stress on your relationship. If you want something, ‘ASK and you will be given’ that is what the Bible says. If you want sex ask for it, you want something done in the house, ask him/her to help you do it. Do you want help with the children? Ask him or her to help you with them. Would you like an homemade food from your wife as opposed to eating out always? Ask her to make you some. Just work more on your asking skills and also remember to ask politely.

So my friends that is our post for the week. Lets get ourselves acquainted with different myths so that we can differentiate the truth from the lies and work more in truth and in love. Thank You so much for taking the time to read through. God bless you all.

Remember if you have a story to share, a question or if you would like to contribute to the teachings in this blog please send your mail to beautifulmarriageforever@gmail.com