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10 Electrifying Sex tips that can turn your marriage positively around.

Understanding the importance of sex in a marriage is paramount to every couple. Sex is not just sex as we all know it. It is a deep communion between spouses, it is a beauty that cannot be explained that the persons involved experience together. Sex can heal a relationship and also it can break it up. It is not the sex itself that causes the friction in a marriage but people who do not understand it nor use it well. Sex is an expression of love. It is how the body understands love.

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As a love and relationship coach one of the problems couples ask for help with is sexual satisfaction. One of the couples I worked with had a problem enjoying sex herself because of her background and all she had been through. She would always find a way to avoid having sexual relations with her husband and that attitude was putting a strain on their relationship, only because sex starts with YOU. It could be learnt but it is more of an understanding and satisfaction that comes from a deep place within you.

If you are a couple and would like to see a tremendous difference in your sex life, this eBook is for you. I share 10 powerful tips on how to have not just a great sex but a fantastic, mind blowing, blinders sex that would transform your relationship. Your relationship is guaranteed to be transformed if you use these tips consistently.

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Updating_Electrifying_Sex_TIPS (3)



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