YOUR MARRIAGE CAN WORK conference May 20th 2017 @De Renaissance Hotel in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria….


YOUR MARRIAGE CAN WORK CONFERENCE is created to teach the married, the engaged and the singles, how to have a beautiful marriage. The failure of marriages is not because of age, differences in race, financial or sexual problems and more, but because of our individual ATTITUDES. Our attitudes come from what we KNOW and UNDERSTAND. What we know come from our backgrounds, education, peer group influence, religion and spiritual practices, and personal experiences.Our attitudes will determine how we RESPOND to different situations and circumstances. Your RESPONSES will determine the beauty or ugliness in your marriage.

This is the first of many conferences and we have invited speakers- successful in their various endeavors and who have been able to weather the storms with their spouses irrespective of their social status and achievements, to share their experiences with us. It is not about how long your marriage has been but how well you have been able to journey maritally with your spouse.



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