Monthly Archives: January, 2017



Happy new year beautiful couples. Its been a long ride and only the Lord did it. He kept us all. Things might not have gone as we had hoped for in the past year, but everything, good or bad, work together for our own good whether we are aware of it or not. 2016 is now gone, 2017 has taken over, the new has taken over with new and different vibrations altogether. To have the blessings in 2017, be in the vibrational frequency of 2017 (Pray about this). Many are still in the vibrational frequency of 2011 and 2012 even 1980 while many are vibrating redundancy and stagnancy. The miracles you seek have a vibration to them literally, therefore you being in sync with your blessings in 2017, is you, being in sync energetically with your miracles and then, they manifest in your reality- just like that.

One of the ways you can conveniently vibrate positively is to focus more on your positive qualities. What you focus on magnifies and the energy of such intensifies. Now, focusing on your positive qualities does not mean you have to ignore your negative qualities, because we all have them. Everyone on earth have the positive and negative sides just as we have the positive and negative sides of a battery. Now, your job is to KNOW what your negative qualities are and seek to reduce the effect they have on your marriage, your career and  your life as a whole.

A brother told me that his problem is alcohol- drinking and getting drunk. The problem he has is his inability to STOP drinking once he lays his hands on alcohol. And when he gets home from being drunk he turns aggressively on the people he loves the most. Now, that is a brother who knows his problem, who is remorseful because he is aware of the evil that problem is causing in his marriage, and in the life of his kids, and is seeking for help. The worse, is to have a man who has alcohol problem like our brother but does not see it as a problem even if it is tearing his family apart. It is important that you KNOW yourself and your shortcomings and how this shortcoming of yours is affecting your marriage.

Do not just stop at knowing alone, SEEK HELP on how to get rid of those negative behaviors. Knowledge is your best friend here and seek that knowledge concerning the situation you have on your hands. This year, please do not cast stones at your spouse, look inward, look at yourself, remove the speck in your own eyes, straighten your own path, and see the manifestation of your change in your marriage. I am a witness of ”your change automatically has the power to change your spouse and the vibration of your marriage”. So, concentrate on changing yourself first before changing the situation or your spouse.

I wish everyone a beautiful marriage this beautiful year. God bless you all.

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