Hello Everyone our post is from a sister. She shared her testimony about the moment she cried because her husband did just one thing she had always wanted. This is a beautiful testimony. God bless you as you read. 

”Good morning, and God bless you, Toyin! The picture I sent you goes along with this post for Beautiful Marriage. Sorry it is SO LONG (lol) but it is what was on my heart: What you see in this picture, friends, is a curio filled with unicorns. I have a precious unicorn collection I started in 1984 when my namesake (Grandma Liz) gave me my first unicorn. Over the years, I have acquired many–from sisters, students, even my own travels.

I waited so long to have a proper display space for them, and 3 years ago for my 40th birthday, my mother bought me this one. Well, the cord to the second section was damaged, so I could no longer sit in my glider and enjoy looking at my collection. Lo and behold, after a taxing week at work (I’m a school teacher) and at home with our own children, I came home to find this! Both sections lit! My husband went out WITHOUT ME ASKING HIM TO DO IT and bought a new plug. Y’all, I cried. I stood in the living room and cried. I was so exhausted from the hard week, and it just touched me so deeply. The reason I wanted to share this testimony is because of this: EVERYWHERE you look, men and women alike are eager and quick to wag a finger and type up a long list of all the things a woman must do to keep her marriage working. I have been hard pressed to find equal advice and finger wagging directed towards the men. Not even men advise other men about what they should do in the marriage to the same extent that you see people inundating the woman with advice. After all, it takes two, not just the woman “doing the most”; yet, there is probably only a hill of instruction for the husband but mountains of “do this” directed towards the wife.

Well, I wanted to point out this helpful tip for the husbands: Show your wife (who is working her way diligently through the long list!) that her desires MATTER! When everything she asks you to do has to wait, or she has to ask 10 times, or she has to just do it herself, it sends the message, “Your needs aren’t a priority to me. What you want can wait. You can wait.” It makes you feel de-valued. Especially when the husband wants his matters tended to ASAP. My husband showed me that he KNEW what mattered to me. He knew that this small thing—without me even ASKING (that is a HUGE DEAL lol! Because as moms, we are ALWAYS asking/telling the same people to do the same things each day!) –He knew it would bring me joy. And that mattered SO much to me! So, please, take the time to listen and to do. Be attentive. Show her that if it matters to her, it does matter to you. Don’t push her off and make her feel insignificant or trifling; you would become a raging bull if she took that attitude towards you or your wishes. Can we get some “do unto others” in the marriage, too, saints of God? Amen?”- Liz Crockett 

Powerful isn’t it? If men only knew that the little things they do make all the difference. God bless you and your union sister Liz. I really appreciate that testimony. 

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  1. Nice read! Never despise little things we do for each other. It keeps the bond stronger.


    1. Thanks for reading my beautiful sister. God bless you.

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