I have not forgotten anyone- Jesus Christ


I have a habit of praying and asking the Lord questions after the prayer sessions. So I sit still in meditation and ask the Lord whatever question I have in mind. Sometimes I get my answers immediately through words- a single word, or through images or in my dreams. But this time around my question to Him was- what messages do you have for your children? And after a long silence I heard subtly;

‘I have not forgotten anyone”. That was all the message I got. But that message ran so deep for me and I have decided to share it with everyone. The Lord has not forgotten you, it does not matter where you think you are at the moment- all the prayers that seem un-answered, all the disappointments, the rejection, the frustration, the lack, the inability to pay for your child’s needs or pay your bills on time, your marriage that is falling apart, your health and more, the Lord is saying to you that HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. At the right time, He will remember you and He will come through for you.

So, you that wait on the Lord, keep waiting. You who believe in His strength and Love, keep believing. You, who believe in His blood and the salvation He has given us through His cross, no matter what is falling apart around you, please keep trusting. You, who Know that the Lord is mighty to save, mighty enough to heal your marriage, mighty enough to heal your health, mighty enough to heal those circumstances, mighty enough to give you your own spouse, mighty enough to provide a job for you,  please keep living from that understanding. 

Do not give up, do not give in to those problems– one day they walked into your life, one day, they would be eliminated also. Look forward to that day. Do not let the situation rob you of your crown- your blessings, your breakthrough, your healing, your gifts, your inheritance (you name it). The Lord is more than faithful to bring His words to past in your life and He will. So be strong, be diligent, be persistent, consistently on a moment by moment basis trust in the Lord. And I know for a fact that in the end, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much for reading. May your week be blessed. I am praying for us all.

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