The Power behind prayers- the praying couple


I laid on my bed thinking about prayers- why it seems like it takes forever for some prayers to be answered. The Bible says, if we ask for anything in the name of Christ, we will receive it. Many people talk about how everything is according to divine timing which is true, but what if the Lord is ready to bless us and answer our prayers now? He made me understand a while ago, that He has the gifts, He has the answered prayers, He is willing to come through immediately in some cases, but we are not ready to receive the blessings yet. Yes we ask, but our intentions are not pure and for those with pure intentions, they do not have the ability to handle the blessings yet. And because of that He allows many people go through diverse training (we call problems)emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, maritally and spiritually so that they are prepared to receive and work accordingly with the blessings. But many, am sorry to say, will  NEVER be ready because of their unconsciousness.

So as I laid on my bed in deep thoughts, I asked the Lord if it was His will for the answers to some prayers to be delayed. The understanding I got was that, many pray and from the same mouth insults, curses, backbiting, anger proceeds. The God we pray to is a HOLY GOD and that is why the Bible says that ‘the prayers of a righteous man will make tremendous powers available’ not just for others but also for themselves. Prayer is holy and it should not be in the same mouth with unholiness- anger, gossip, malice, curses, backbiting. If you want your prayers to be immediately answered, please use your mouth righteously and ACT righteously so that when you go to pray the Lord will immediately answer.

The power behind prayers apart from the Holy Ghost, is in how we act, react, speak and our thoughts towards other people, that is, the effectiveness of our prayers lie in our consciousness. And so the ball is really in our court. When we do our part, the Lord will do His part. Pray together always in purity of hearts and you will see the manifestation of your prayers in your reality as soon as the Lord answers.

Thank you for reading. May your week be blessed.

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  1. Nice read! Prayer keeps us going even in our darkest moments! God bless you richly for sharing ma.


    1. Thank you sis. God bless you.

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