Different yet, ONE.


This past weekend, the ladies gathered together to celebrate two of our friends, since they shared the same birth day. We had fun eating, drinking, chatting and laughing together @maggiano in King of Prussia, PA (they’ve got delicious food for those who might be interested :)). The beautiful thing was that, we were all married and had to leave the kids and their daddies at home. That break was really needed. LOL. My husband asked me why I did not call home during my outing to check on them(Himself and the kids). I answered, ‘those couple of hours spent away from home, was my heaven’…LOL.

Though we were happy to be away from home, we talked 70% of the time about our husbands and children and hardly talked about ourselves.( Life of a mother and wife). One of the things that stood out the most to me during our conversation out of the many, was the DIFFERENCES IN PERSONALITIES each couple had. It was funny to see that we were all not just different from each other personality wise, but also different from our spouses.

You are not the only one probably struggling with your spouse because of your differences, many married couples all over the world are. It makes sense to see things differently, to think differently, to act and react differently because of the differences in background, beliefs, experiences, education and personal preferences. That is one of the things that makes being ONE, as a couple, a mystery.

Enjoy the beautiful mess in your marriage. There is no perfect marriage anywhere, the Lord is our Perfection. And what you think isn’t perfect enough is perfect before the Lord. Do not blame your wife or your husband or hate them for the fact that they are different from you and do things differently, do not try to control them or get angry when things are not done the way you would want them to be done. Do  not assume that your own way of doing things is the only right way. Be opened and accepting of your partner’s differences and shortcomings. Love them through it all-the good and the bad moments, the neat and the chaos, the rigidity and flexibility, the stubbornness and submissiveness, the agreement and disagreement,  and more.

Above all, NEVER compare your marriage with another because trust me, they are not better- the grass over there is as green as your own grass, if you doubt it, stand on their lawn to view yours.

Thank you all for reading. May our marriages be blessed always. Have a beautiful week.



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