Overcoming financial struggles in your marriage.

Paul and Cindy have been married for 8 years. Their marriage is great except for the fact that they have different financial orientations. Paul loves to save while Cindy loves to spend. At first, Paul thought that it was a phase that would pass in their relationship until he realized that this is just who his wife is. It is difficult for him to accept her spending habits and terms it ‘wasteful’ while Cindy sees her husband as being too ‘frugal’ and does not care about her needs. Listening to both of them was overwhelming yet amusing because they were alike in all ways. They are polar opposites yet fit perfectly  in each others lives especially in the area of BALANCE.

Financial issue is one of the major causes of divorce in our society. And the problem associated with it is that of LIMITED INCOME and the OUT-FLOW of money.

-Limited Income issues stem from career or business problems, joblessness and more.

-Outflow of money is caused by too much bills, spending habits and inability to save.

It is very important that couples KNOW themselves and know the situation on ground.What can you do with your financial situation? There are several things you can realistically do when there is a shortage of income and too much money going out.

  1. Be opened about your financial situations. Talk about what is going well and not so well with your career and businesses. Communicating with your partner removes them from being in the dark and coming to the light of who you are and all you are going through. It does not make you less of a man for your woman to know what is going well and not so well with your career.
  2. Live within your means. Always ask yourself who are you trying to show off to? The people you are trying to oppress or impress do not care about you, especially whether you survive or not, succeed or not. Do not stress or stretch yourself beyond your limit in order to impress or show off to others.
  3. Spend Cash, avoid buying things on credit. If you cannot afford it immediately, save for it or forget about it. Trust me, it is a hard lesson I had to learn myself. What you buy with your money is yours, what you buy on credit belong to those who gave you the credit. Do not let any system enslave you. Set yourself free from financial slavery.
  4. Understand the situation on ground. When it is time to save money for a particular project that will benefit the family in the end, is not the time to think of buying a Gucci bag or a Louis Vuitton. Always be aware of the things you need to accomplish together as a family. Also understand the financial situation at home, do not be a stranger in your own home.
  5. Be opened to learning more on how you can expand and grow your business or career. There are financial freedom seminars organized by companies and individuals take advantage of them by attending those seminars and apply what you think can positively change your finances and life.
  6. Live above the situation. Every problem has a beginning and an end. So the time the problem will end will surely come. It is important that you are conscious of the fact that ”this too shall pass”. Don’t end your marriage because of the problems you are going through as a couple. Stand strong together to see the end of that issue or problem.

Your marriage can work. Look to the glory and not the pain. Let your focus be on the victory and the breakthrough. Support each other, encourage each other, stand up, stand for, stand with your partner always. Say to that issue together as ONE ”we shall overcome”. And surely that will be your portion always.

Have a blessed week.


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