I waited and was NOT disappointed. #FridayLove


I love the story of this beautiful couple. How they met was divinely orchestrated by God Himself. Some peculiar things that stood out was the fact that;

  1. She did not settle. Yes she had never been married and knew the type of man she wanted- a godly man not in appearance but in deeds. Many came to her but none fitted the picture of who she really wanted. So many things happen to us along the way and we end up letting our guards down to embrace people and situations just because of pressure. She did not care about what others thought or said, she loved herself too much to blindly make the wrong choice.
  2. She kept serving God. No matter what she felt-disappointments, frustrations, joy, worry, contentment and more, no matter what she felt, God was her focus. She loves the Lord so much and it shows in her relationship towards everyone. In the midst of her waiting for Mr Right, she kept serving the Lord.
  3. She kept working. She did not stop embracing her passions. She is an entreprenuer with different passions, a blogger (dstone1003.blog.com) and a Distinguished-ly Devoted wife.You have to keep yourself busy with your passion and purpose. Marriage is not the no 1 reason you are here on earth, your purpose is.
  4. She did not give up, nor change her mind about what and who she wanted. She just stopped worrying believing that when the time was right she would meet whom she was meant to be with. Yes! She was living life and unexpectedly, she met the man of her dreams. This is what she said, ”Went to a visiting church on a Saturday evening to praise my way through a rough situation, while doing the worship session as I was giving Jesus from my belly my concerns, my Treasure came to me and asked if he could worship with me. Without any thought I moved over. Our first date was meeting @ his Church again. It was the visiting Church from the start, afterwards we went to dinner & movies. He knew he was looking for his “Rib” & I was being prepared by God Holy Spirit to be so for quite a few yearsssssss! We talked about where God had brought us from, where we were in Christ & waiting on HIM to answer our particular prayer. 8 months later @ kissing 60 yrs old, Jesus has been faithful as always. “able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above, all that we ask or think ACCORDING to the Power that works within us…’ Ephesians 3:20”.
  5. Another thing was the fact that her past did not matter. It did not stop her from moving forward. Her previous experiences could not steal the real experience in love she desired and she found that first in Christ, manifested through her man.  Both of them had been married before to different people. And just because your marriage did not work out, is not the end of the world. This is what she said we both have been married previously which made our stand on trusting Christ greater. We learned that our previous choices were just that ‘ours’ but with Jesus we got the beginning of HIS Blood Brought Promises. Living in receive mode which is higher than expectation “the open windows of Heaven pouring down upon us more than we have room to receive…”

    That was the beginning of their own ”happily ever after”. It is not how long you have spent in a marriage but how beautiful your relationship with your significant other is. I always say, ”it is better to marry late in life and be happy than to marry early and live a life of misery”. She and her heartthrob got married when she was almost kissing age 60. Can you believe that? How old are you now? Are you crying and weeping over the fact that you have not found your Mr Right or Mrs Right?When love is true, it does not matter when you meet, what matters is that you meet eventually. If you wait on the Lord, you will NEVER be disappointed. Praise God through it all.

Note: Take the time to visit her blog at dstone1003.blog.com. She has powerful advice for the ladies on her blog. It is an awesome place to invest your time in. You will be glad you did.

Happy New Month everyone. Thank you for reading our post. Please feel free to leave us your comments. Would you like to share your love story with us so as to encourage others? Please send you story to; beautifulmarriageforever@gmail.com

2 responses

  1. Hmmmm… it can only be God! God is awesome


    1. You can say that again dear. God works wonders.


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