I am aging, I can’t wait anymore.

One of the most difficult things we struggle with is having to wait for own victory, breakthrough, success, the right partner and so on. We have a tendency to want to settle for anything even if we know deep down in our heart that we are settling. We allow the demands and expectation of the world to push us into making a hasty decision that could limit us in the future. We feel time is NO longer on our side and so choose anything and anyone just to fill the gap we think we have in your lives.

When you settle in your marriage you have truncated your future. A mistake you make marrying the wrong person even if you make the necessary changes, remains forever, it will always be a reference point. Your marriage is yours and you will be the one enjoying it or NOT. So do not let anyone’s expectations push you into saying, yes, when you truly want to say, NO.

I have an aunt who preferred her single life. But the whole family wanted her to get married by all means. So they came together to find a man for her. They did not take into account whether she loved him or not, or whether the man was a responsible person or not. But just to ‘please’ the whole family she agreed to marry him. The wedding was really a beautiful celebration but a month after the whole celebration the marriage ended. And none of the couple can say what actually ended that relationship. I tried to intervene but to no avail.

Do not let anyone push you into saying ‘I Do’ when you really do not. Do not push yourself either. It is better to wait for the RIGHT person than to settle for the wrong person. I will be sharing a story of a lady who waited for a long time for her own man on Friday, just to encourage those who are still waiting. Guess what? The Lord will NEVER disappoint your faith. If you wait, wait in faith believing that He has your back and will give you all you need irrespective of the time. The time belongs to Him and time cannot limit or stop Him. So trust The God you serve.

While you wait, keep yourself busy. Work for yourself and work for the Kingdom, grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Be ready for your groom or bride. And be ready with a joyful disposition giving thanks to The Most High for all that you ARE and all you WILL BE.

Thank you for reading. Remain blessed.

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