The LOVERS- Who are they?


Love is a spirit housed within us and manifested into our reality through our feelings and actions. Everything we see and cannot see like anger, joy, happiness, wealth, power, money, blessings are all manifested spirits in our reality. Love is pure energy- a usable power that comes directly from God Himself. Love is Power and it carries the ability to heal, the ability to restore, the ability to comfort and encourage, the ability to prosper you and make you very successful, the ability to increase and more.

Er’s- Is the suffix of the word ‘Lovers’ which denotes a person, animal or thing that performs a specified action or activity (work). It denotes a person that has a specified attribute (characteristics) or denotes a person belonging to a specified place (location).

Lovers- Are simply the transmitters of love. They are conduits through which the energy of love is transferred into humanity, they are the carriers of LIGHT and that light is LOVE. Spreading love is their major work and their attribute. Their location is within the four walls of their marital union where they can perform their godly duties without hindrances.

Within an ordinary relationship there are limitations, you are not allowed to have premarital sex in certain societies and cultures and the rate at which we can express our deep feelings for our loved one is usually limited that is why the marriage was built for lovers. There are no hindrances, no limitations, no obstacles whether cultural, spiritual, physical, psychological and more in a marriage. The marriage of ‘true lovers’ is usually blessed because the expression of your love through several actions, like; sex, prayers, in thoughts, in words, in acts and more, brings out a vibrational frequency from you that extends to the world . When something vibrates it moves back and forth or from side to side with very quick and short movements. One of the obvious characteristics of anything that vibrates is MOVEMENT, it is NEVER still. And when it starts with you, it surely will not end with you but will keep moving unto the ends of the earth affecting people’s lives positively or negatively whether we know it or not.

So it is important that the LOVERS know who they are and what their work on earth is and work towards making their own relationship work so as to send out the right energy of love into the world. Your marriage is an assignment to you and a gift to humanity. Assignment in the sense that you need to know the purpose of it especially in your life, work through your own personal shortcomings, and a gift in the sense that it has been blessed with the ability to heal others and heal the world. God can use the marriage as a cleanser and a purifier, it carries within it a cleansing power where by not only you is washed in it but others can be cleansed too.

Your assignment this week is to start to see you and your spouse as LOVERS destined to be here at this moment and blessed to be able to bless the world with the love you have for each other, through the both of you God sends more love into humanity. Ask yourself if you treat your partner with the highest level of respect and reverence. Honor one another, submit to each other and live loving each other irrespective of the problems you face. ♥♥♥


Thank you so much for reading our post. We love and appreciate you. Please feel free to leave your comments and remember we will be featuring love stories of how couples met on Fridays, so please if you would like to share your story of how you and your spouse met, send an email with your story and your picture to:

Have a blessed week.

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