AGREEMENT between couples


I have been following a series movie called ”Beauty and the Beast”. It has one of my best love stories between couples. It is simply about a man who enrolled in the navy and some experiments were carried out on him and members of his platoon  to make them have extra ordinary powers because of the war they were fighting at that time, this experiment had a negative effect on all of them which turned them into a beast. So they were all half beast and half human. To cut the whole story short a young female cop fell in love with him.

What stood out for me was how they had to agree on everything before it can be successful. They got to a point in their relationship where they noticed that if they do not work together on any project as a couple that project would fall through and it could cost one of their lives. That is simply how it is also in a marriage. Whatever you want to achieve in your marriage there has to be an agreement between the couple. My husband noticed this too in our relationship. He said ”Toyin if you do not agree with me this thing I am trying to accomplish will not work’. And that woke me up to the importance of ‘agreement’ between couples.

In a marriage there is a treasure box that has been uniquely created and provided for every couple. The problem of this treasure box is the fact that it is locked. This treasure box has in it everything you need as a family whenever you them, but the pass code to open that treasure box is ONLY agreement. So for every need and desire, agreeing together opens it up, you pick what you want and it closes back till you need something else from it another time.

Agreement forms the basis of ONENESS between couples. When couples meet physically and sexually in agreement they have created a third entity spiritually speaking that becomes ONE on behalf of the both of them. So physically you still remain your individual selves, but spiritually you are ONE. And that One becomes the Over-Soul for both persons.  Though you are separate but your actions and thoughts are supposed to be guided by this Oversoul. It is very important for couples to agree always in LOVE. It is not everything that you will agree on anyways, but actions you know will positively benefit you and your family in the long run needs the agreement of both persons.

Don’t be too stubborn to listen to your partner. Your partner is your team mate. When you fail, he/she fails, the whole family fails. When you are successful the whole family is successful. Don’t say it is my wife’s success or my husband’s success but ‘our success’ Avoid divisions- whether in thoughts, simple disagreements, actions and more. Anything that will carry the vibration of disagreement, avoid it like a plague. Disagreement usually appears when there is a big breakthrough coming in for the both of you so as to divert it and prevent you from receiving it. It is also very important that you are very very spiritually vigilant.

Thank you all for taking the time to read  through. I hope it has blessed you and I pray that it heals your relationship. Please feel free to leave us your comments and follow our blog so that anytime we have a new post, it can be delivered directly to your inbox. Remember to reach out to me if you would like to feature your love stories on our blog and if you need help and advice with any aspect of your marriage. Send your mail to :

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