4 Marriage Myths



A myth is an ‘idea or story that is believed by many people but that is NOT true’- Meriam Webster Dictionary. Marriage is not limited to a particular nation but to the whole world. Young girls fantasize of getting hitched to the right man someday. I remember in my high school days my friends and I would always talk about the things we would do for our husbands and how we would love them to treat us back. To us then, after our educational achievements, marriage was the next thing. It was like a crown of glory for the young girls during our time. And young men looked forward to being pampered and treated like a king by their women. It was fun dreaming about the future until we faced reality.

Marriage is beautiful but there are many myths out there and mentality people carry into their marriages believing that, that would be how their marriages would turn out but have been pretty disappointed by the failures of those beliefs. There are many myths out there but I will be talking on just 4.

  1. Marriage makes you a happier person

    . If you are not happy within you my friend, you will be disappointed at the fact that your marriage could make you a sadder person as opposed to being happy all the time. Because you will see a lot of things that will annoy you that you did not see while you were courting or dating. Marriage is a light and nothing can be hidden in it- no attitude or character can be hidden in a marriage. That is why everything you did not know about your spouse before, you start to see it now within the four walls of your marriage. If you are naturally a happy person it does not matter what you see or encounter in your marriage, you will always get your strength from within you. But if you rely on others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed. No one can carry that cross, only GOD can. Happiness comes from within you.

2. Marriage is for Everyone.

Another myth is to think that just because A and B are married so you need to marry also. That belief has limited a lot of people, made some depressed and made some do all the wrong things in order get married. Marriage is a ‘calling’ and being single is also a ‘calling’. Whether married or not, there are things you are here on earth to fulfill. So it is best we focused on our individual purposes. If you understand your purpose, you will understand why you have been called to marry or not. For example, my purpose is in my marriage- to experience life in various forms within my marriage, choose the one that has the highest level of peace and truth and teach that to others. Without my marriage and experiencing all these things, I will not be able to stand and teach what I teach now. Not every lover or soul mate has to end up as a couple. Paul said in 1st Corinthians 7 vs 26 ”Because of this present crisis, I think it is good for a man to remain as he is (And that is whether married or single). So simply ”Live as God called you’ without trying to change a thing about you.

3. Marriage makes you fulfilled.

In the aspect of finally getting married you might be fulfilled or happy that you have become successful in that. Yes, that hurdle has been crossed. Then my question to you is ‘what next?. If you are like me, you will find yourself asking that question in time. The only thing that fulfills you or anyone, is ‘walking in purpose’. Make sure you are doing what you have been created to do or what you are passionate about especially when it is in service to others. All round fulfillment is in your PURPOSE and not in your marriage.

4.My spouse should know my needs.

If you have this mentality my friend, you will be on a ‘long thing’- which means you will be waiting forever. Your spouse CANNOT know what you want except you tell him or her. Don’t wear a frown or sulk all day because your spouse cannot read your mind. You will only be putting unnecessary stress on your relationship. If you want something, ‘ASK and you will be given’ that is what the Bible says. If you want sex ask for it, you want something done in the house, ask him/her to help you do it. Do you want help with the children? Ask him or her to help you with them. Would you like an homemade food from your wife as opposed to eating out always? Ask her to make you some. Just work more on your asking skills and also remember to ask politely.

So my friends that is our post for the week. Lets get ourselves acquainted with different myths so that we can differentiate the truth from the lies and work more in truth and in love. Thank You so much for taking the time to read through. God bless you all.

Remember if you have a story to share, a question or if you would like to contribute to the teachings in this blog please send your mail to beautifulmarriageforever@gmail.com

2 responses

  1. Yes, we do need ti start realizing that marriage might not be for everyone.


    1. You can say that again sis.


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