The Culture of Marriage


We have all been blessed on this planet to experience LOVE in various forms- love between couples, love for children, love for animals, love for our friends and family, love for our cars, love for that favorite shirt or shoe, love for your early morning coffee or a cup of tea, Love for nature, and so on. We have always truly loved, the difference is we are conscious of some and many we are NOT conscious of.

The culture of this planet is that of LOVE, if we all can open our eyes and hearts and start to live from that divine state we will see how beautiful our world is. Likewise, the culture of marriage is purely LOVE. Living outside of love in your marriage is simply setting it up for failure. Many want and pray for their marriages to work but are not doing the ONLY thing it needs to make it work. I can give you different lists of the things you need to do to spice up your marriage but when you live totally from love- react, speak, think and act from love irrespective of the situation, you would not need to go out of your way to spice up anything because your marriage will be in a constant state of being ‘spiced up’.

A culture is a way of life- the ‘way of life’ of your marriage (what helps your marriage LIVE and thrive) is simply LOVE, remove that and you will have a barbaric and philistine relationship called marriage. There is NO marriage without love, only two people living as room mates and calling themselves a couple. If you want to truly be in a marriage, be in LOVE and react to everything from that place consciously.

With Love from my heart and may your week be blessed.


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